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10-Nov-2020 04:29

One is an attitude among some guys who tend to follow a worldly standard in their selection of dates.

They tend to look on the external appearance instead of the internals and often some really sharp women get left at home while others who may be more externally attractive get burnt out on dating guys who are with them for the wrong reasons.

It's no wonder the Christian guys didn't ask me or my fellow youth group/young adult girlfriends out on dates.

Perhaps they thought — or knew — we would expect marriage, when all they wanted was a skating buddy.

I mean, the Christian guys on my campus would date my closest friends, but skip over me.

Years later I found out they felt they weren't good enough for me.

The other attitude may be either related or a "chicken and the egg" phenomenon.

I've found that there seems to be so much pressure in this area, that it's impossible to have a casual date.

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