Billy joel dating alex donnelley

20-Sep-2019 18:35

Billy Joel was first married to Elizabeth Weber Small on September 5, 1973.She was also the ex-wife of his former partner Jon Small. Joel then married to Christie Brinkley who is an American model and actress. Joel married to Katie Lee for the third time who is an American cookbook author.That’s run bunnies, property records indicate Mister Joel paid for both of his Gibson Lane lovelies in cold, hard cash.Just the thought of that makes Your Mama go all slack-jawed, blurry eyed and weak in the damn knees.

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In the case of Billy and Katie, it’s two side by side ocean front properties in sleepy but seriously swank , NY that they bought in 2007 for a combined, head spinning and almost unimaginable ,385,000…in cash.Joel is the son of father Howard who was born in Germany to Manufacturer, Karl Amson Joel, and Merchant and mother Rosalind Joel who was born in England to Rebecca and Philip Rebecca. His parents were divorced in 1957, and then his father moved to Vienna.Joel was raised in a Levitt house in Levittown, Oyster Bay with his sister, Judith and Half brother Alexander Joel.He was even guided piano by the American pianist Morton Estrin and songwriter/musician Timothy Ford.

Joel joined Hicksville High Schooll late 1967; Later he attended Summer School where Joel earned his diploma.But now a distraught Joel, 60, is desperate to woo the 27 year old once again, after his fledgling relationship with former American soap star Alex Donnelley fizzled out, reports the New York gossip column Page Six.