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Prior to that job, I dated a girl in college who became a dancer, which gave me access to the locker room when picking her up or dropping her off.Both of these situations gave me a behind-the-scenes view I imagine, with full awareness of the comparative pun, could only be understood by someone working in a sausage factory. If Portland, or other cities that reportedly have more strip clubs per capita than Atlanta (Tampa, Miami... Never assume that numerous strip clubs in a weird city is a good thing. If you think it’s taboo, you haven’t had the lamb lollipops, duck l’orange, or blackened lobster tail at the marble chef’s table at Alluvia, overlooking the main room of Cheetah. Some people might argue that this matters, and that a weird, Pacific Northwest thong of a city defeats ATL in the proverbial pole-fight for the crown. Portland is famous for Nike, craft beer, irony, and decent beards, not booty.That’s not only because they get rich, but also because there’s no stigma attached to dancers in Atlanta.

I somehow ended up accepting a job as editor-in-chief of a magazine called Xcitement, which came with a media credential badge that was honored by every strip club in town, and permission to be one of the only guys you ever saw in a strip club with a camera.

You get it how you live when you’re in The City Too Busy Twerking to Hate.

I’ll end with a fact that might surprise you: I’ve never been a fan of strip clubs, even though to a degree I owe strip clubs credit for the development of my editorial career.

Wives don’t trip when their husbands say they’re headed to strip clubs with friends, because as far as they’re concerned, you might as well be going to a Falcons game, or church.

It sounds crazy, but the same crowd will probably be joining you there.

This heavily Black populated community is full of interesting Black singles that are ready to make a lasting connection.

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