Artist dating non artist dating etiquette in italy

26-Sep-2020 20:51

Let’s start with the obvious: Sexism is horrible; lecherous dudes are creepy, and anyone who treats women as objects deserves to have his (or her) toenails plucked out with rusty pliers.So when pickup artist (PUA), overpaid lecturer in the art of seduction, and puddle of garbage juice Jeff Allen made jokes about his “rape van” and promised to help guys score threesomes, and Australia canceled his visa and, by proxy, the Australian lecture stop on his world tour, I applauded.

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I’m a journalist, a professional curious person, so I asked him about his methodology; with impressive candor, he relayed tactics that make a good first impression, and it was immediately obvious he’d already used some on me: Approach confidently, give her a playful challenge, make an early exit to leave her wanting more.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if, nowadays, he has a live-in chef.) When a dude is flush with cash but lacking in social skills, he pays someone to fix that.

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