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13-Jan-2021 19:27

Negotiations were started with the latter with a view to signing a concession agreement.

Negotiations with the other five candidates are ongoing with a view to making the best use of the remaining part of the site.

This is yet more confirmation of the port's power of attraction for big investors. Lines, will team up with SEA-Invest to build a tank storage terminal in the port of Antwerp.

Mol Chemical Tankers, a member of the Japanese group Mitsui O. The Sea-Mol joint venture has been set up for this purpose, for which it will invest some 300 to 400 million euros.

This is only one part of the concession for which the Port Authority issued a Request for Proposals in 2018.

Six candidates were selected as a result, one of them being Sea-Mol.

Together with the port group SEA-Invest it is to invest some 300 to 400 million euros in construction of a tank storage terminal for liquid chemicals.

This is a new step in the direction of an integrated, efficient port by creating a closely-knit port community that works across boundaries between industrial activities.

Each partner has its own particular role to play in this project.

From fossil sources to sustainably produced fuel However, methanol is currently obtained from fossil sources that can ultimately run out.

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By helping to introduce a new production process Port of Antwerp is now taking practical steps towards making the port more sustainable.We won't solve the climate problem by taxing entrepreneurs into the ground.

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