Antigen not updating

26-Oct-2020 11:35

Antigen has tries to automatically load various files in a plugin. If you are interested in writing a plugin, there is a section on what rules it follows. There are a few idiosyncrasies that are a bit annoying.

Here’s what I think could be improved based off of the current version.

Thus this is the reason Antigen is named after an Immunology term.

Essentially what you do is list plugins in your and it will automatically download them.

Antigen relies on Git and when Git isn’t installed, you are greeted with some pretty errors every single time a shell is opened.

Obviously the fix would be to check if all the required tools are installed before blindly proceeding.

Let’s take a better look at the issues that oh-my-zsh has.

Using version control for something as volatile as plugins is a bit strange.

antigen not updating-45

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Here’s what I currently have in my .zshrc for the plugins that I use: This setup makes it trivial to find new plugins and add them to your setup.

However, I think that oh-my-zsh has actually become a bit harmful to the goal that it is trying to achieve.