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Clare tries to patch things up between Eli and Fitz. See full summary » Director: Pat Williams Mia is offered a modeling job in Paris and Peter plans to go with her.The new kid, Declan, hear them talking and tells Mia his mom knows some people and is having a party, she should come,...See full summary » Director: Stefan Brogren Adam's hopes of fitting in are crushed when everyone discovers he is transgender.Anya suspects her mother is having an affair but what she discovers ends up being even worse.Sav and Anya's relationship becomes even more turbulent.Stars: Jamie Johnston, Cassie Steele, Miriam Mc Donald, Annie Clark KC starts hanging out with a dangerous crowd to avoid dealing with his feelings about his mom.

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See full summary » Stars: Jordan Todosey, Justin Kelly, Melinda Shankar, Aislinn Paul Clare becomes obsessed with vampires when she starts having dreams about Declan becoming a vamp.Will she be able to help him or will she end up in danger?