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Albanian sworn virgins (in Albanian: Burrnesha) are women who take a vow of chastity and wear male clothing in order to live as men in patriarchal northern Albanian society.

The Socialist People's Republic of Albania did not encourage women to become sworn virgins.

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ABC News is an Albanian news and satellite television channel that is owned by Media 6. Most content is amateur with a mixture of webcam performances and homemade sex scenes between couples.The girls are distinctly sexy and open to all manner of naughty behaviors.Dickemann suggests mothers may have played an important role in persuading children to become sworn virgins.

A widow without sons traditionally had few options in Albania: she could return to her birth family, stay on as a servant in the family of her deceased husband, or remarry.

With a son or surrogate son, she could live out her life in the home of her adulthood, in the company of her child.