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We spoke to Siff earlier today, before she'd even had a chance to see the episode herself, about how she found out she was getting killed off, why she wasn't surprised it was Gemma who'd do it, and what it was like to shoot the heartbreaking final scene.Because it’s the culmination of everything that’s happened this year and then it’s also the culmination of everything that happens next year.“Sons of Anarchy” will no doubt be going out with a bang during its finale Tuesday night, and series creator Kurt Sutter and star Charlie Hunnam will be on hand to discuss the ending of the FX biker drama after it all goes down.See all Kurt Sutter: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Apologizes for Spoiling Series Finale Sutter and Hunnam will appear on the “Sons” aftershow “Anarchy Afterword” following the series finale, which airs at 10 p.m.I sort of assumed if she died, it would be Gemma one way or the other.

He must have had a lot of weight on his shoulders to pull that off.Would she really think that he was going to kill her?But I think ultimately where she ended up, it began to feel like a possibility.” In fact, the encyclopedia contains more the 400 essays on ALL of the topics above, and more.

And of course, “Generously sprinkled throughout are some of Ann’s most memorable columns.” According to the dust jacket (O, wise dust jacket!Partly because they became so estranged over the course of the season.